Transformational Meditation™Coaches
Who We Are
Libby Adams
Ph.D., DD, Founder
Libby Adams, Ph.D., DD, is the Founder and current President of the International Academy of Self-Knowledge. She is a highly skilled presenter and educator, having taught for many years in the public school system. She is a Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic-Programming and the developer of Transformational Meditation™. Libby has used Transformational Meditation™ successfully with hundreds of students for the
past 28 years. 
Ell Graniel 
Transformational  Meditation™ Coach
Ell Graniel is the founder of Truespeak™, a professional and personal training company specializing in inter and intrapersonal communication success.

Truespeak provides entertaining Key-note speakers, coaches, and customized virtual and
in-house presentations and workshops, including th 28-day Mastery Intensive. Visit

To date, Ms. Graniel has hosted and produced a variety of television shows, vlogs, is a popular podcast guest, free-lance writer for several national and trade publications, and is the author of:

Chocolate Cake for the Thighs - the anti-diet book for women, Get Happier & Healthier Now – 7 steps to improved health and a body you can love, in its debut made Amazon best seller in 3 categories and 3 countries. Now at Barnes & Noble.

Laurie Kopping
Transformational Meditation™ Coach
Laurie Kopping, M.A.
Laurie Kopping is a professional educator with more than 20 years experience
working in California public and non public schools, both as a teacher and administrator. She has earned Master’s Degrees in Education from California State University and Rudolf Steiner College.
Laurie completed her Transformational
 Meditation™ Coaching Certification in 2018 and is excited about the opportunity to teach this life-changing curriculum. She recognizes the value of one to one coaching, which allows the student to explore and apply
spiritual concepts, and empowers them to create the life they truly desire.

​Laurie is mother to three amazing daughters and lives with her partner in a
Cohousing Community in Chico, California.
Geraldine "Geri" Brisbane Crooks
Transformational Meditation™ Coach
Since 2002, I've been coaching others to gain clarity and reconnect with their TRUE purpose in life. I believe your purpose is your super power that allows you to be a Super Hero in your family, relationships, community and the world.

I help those who are ready for a positive change and believe they have the ability to improve the lives of others. Now is the time to reconnect with your Inner Super Powers!

Meditation™ Coaching and the
28 day program changed my life for the better and inspired me to become a Certified Transformational
 Meditation™ Coach. I use these powerful tools daily to share my superpowers, live my best life and support others around the globe to do the same. This program is invaluable, effective, transformational and it works!!

This Transformational Coaching Program offers proven technology to improve confidence, mental clarity, positive thinking, peace of mind, relationships, Self-love, and overall well-being.

Allison Martin-Attix
Transformational Meditation™Coach
An environmentalist, outdoorswoman, yoga teacher and mindfulness coach, Alli finds nature, yoga and meditation techniques to be the antidote to our ever present overconsumption of technology and "technostress". She has been practicing meditation and yoga since 1997.  After training in yoga and other meditation styles, she became a certified Transformational  Meditation™ Coach through the Academy of Self-Knowledge. 
Alli is currently registered with Yoga Alliance as a dual designated RYT 500/E-RYT 200 and provides CEUs to fellow yoga teachers.  She is also a certified HeartMath mentor.  Her teaching style is authentic and inclusive, making mindfulness and yoga practices accessible to every body while tailoring classes to meet individual needs. 

Jessica St.Germain
Transformational Meditation™ Coach
My spiritual and coaching journey has spanned many cities and countries around the globe. As most good stories go, mine has many interesting twists. Here’s the edited version…

I grew up in Minnesota, went to college at UW Madison, fueled airplanes in Antarctica, studied Acting in Sydney, worked as an actor in Los Angeles, studied coaching with Dr. Libby Adams at the Academy of Self Knowledge, moved back to Minnesota, had two kids and became a TV Host for a home shopping network. 

While I was in this last job, I knew I wasn’t living my purpose. My soul was calling and I knew I had to get back into coaching. The “whispers” were getting too loud to ignore. I had to get back to my purpose which is helping people realize and live their purpose.

Whew, that’s the short of it. Currently, I live in New Zealand with my husband and two kids.

Julianna Forgione
Transformational Meditation™Coach
Julianna Forgione is one of our founding faculty members. She has over three decades of experience as a student and teacher of Higher Learning. Her coaching business covers four continents and students from many diverse backgrounds.  

Julianna discovered that most people get what they truly desire when they tap into and follow their own guidance. This awareness opens up a treasure trove of useful tools that empower and create lasting results. 

“What are you desiring that you’re not getting? Julianna offers uniquely designed support that works.  

Jean Marchand
Transformational Meditation™ Coach
Jean has been a Meditation teacher, Financial Advisor, and Trader for over 45 years.

Entrepreneurs, Advisors, and Traders hire Jean to gain greater Clarity, increased Motivation and more Self-discipline to up not only their professional game but their personal life.

Because after years of doing what these individuals do for a living, they are feeling complacent, a lack of fire in their belly for their profession and are struggling with the uncertainty of the current world order which creates either a conscious or unconscious fear that results in slow and uneasy progress and not going with the flow.

So Jean helps them get into alignment with what they truly desire and need, to achieve greater success both professionally and personally and overcome any fears that are holding them back.

Cat Pedersen
Transformational Meditation™ Coach
Cat was born in Tennessee, the youngest of six children. After the family relocated to San Gabriel Valley in California. After high school, Cat traveled the United States performing music with a group that included her future husband/soulmate. Later, Cat started her voice acting career.

“ People are doing the best they can with the resources they have at the time “
This nomadic, entrepreneurial, exciting yet volatile lifestyle proved challenging to maintaining her marriage and her sanity which led her to read dozens of self-help books. 

The skills learned have built a strong foundation for her marriage as well as dealing with major life changes. With the passing of her father from brain cancer, Cat became a caregiver for her mother who struggled with dementia over her last eight years of living.

Dr. James Proetz
Transformational Meditation™ Coach
JDr. James works with successful entrepreneurs and business owners who struggle with breaking through or overcoming self limitations, especially individuals with substance or process addictions. 

​His clients learn to: Restore balance in their lives, Focus on wellbeing, self-discipline and being courageous, Increase Self-confidence, empowerment and freedom

Dr. James spent most of his professional career as a chiropractor, specializing in his own brand of healing called “Transformational Chiropractic.”  By helping patients and clients understand the body-mind-spirit connection more deeply, his students develop a truer authenticity and understanding of their ability to be abundant, prosperous and thriving in their life’s adventures.
Eugene D. Holden
Transformational Meditation™ Coach
Eugene D. Holden is a Licensed Spiritual Counselor, studying New Thought and Science of Mind for over 30 years. Eugene served as Program Manager then Department Manager for World Ministry of Prayer for Centers for Spiritual Living for 10 years. Eugene has been a well-loved contributor to the Science of Mind Magazine for over twelve years, inspiring lives around the world.
Eugene is an experienced Process Training Facilitator who has led group sessions at Agape International Spiritual Center, Centers for Spiritual Living and various Centers the nationally and internationally, including Denver, Florida, Calif. Canada, Mexico and Jamaica He continues to coach and teach people from all walks of life with great success. Eugene is currently running successful counseling and coaching practices in person and on-line.

Meghan Karraba
Transformational Meditation™ Coach
Meghan Karraba, B.S./M.S., C.N.H.P., L. Min., is a Certified Transformational  Meditation™ Coach as well as a Certified Natural Health Practioner. She works with individuals who are seeking change, personal growth, overall better quality of life and much more. While working to teach others how to achieve their inner desires, she is currently working towards the completion of a Ph.D. in Spiritual Counseling.

​Meghan's deepest passion lies in helping to propel others in their journey of the pursuit of happiness. Life comes with adversity and challenges for each person to overcome. Due to each individual having a unique upbringing and their own life experiences, this looks different for everyone. Although the course work is the same for her students, the process of Transformational MeditationTM  makes each coaching session personalized.
Cathie Stewart
Transformational Meditation™ Coach
Cathie Stewart, CPA-CGA, has worked for Price Waterhouse, Arthur Andersen, and Manulife. Additionally, she gained valuable experience as a business entrepreneur. Over time, she discovered her passion for working with clients one-on-one.

In her Medical Thermography practice, people came in states of fear and confusion and were coached and supported by Cathie with her warm-hearted and insightful approach. She helped many people navigate very challenging times. In 2013, Cathie attended the 28-day Mastery of self program. She was so inspired by the personal transformation she experienced through Libby’s program, she took the advanced courses and became a Transformational Meditation™ coach. She is a labyrinth facilitator, an avid investor, a meditation leader and enjoys both Scottish Country dancing and gardening.

Cathie helps people shift from a state of separation to a state of inner connection with their higher power. Her clients report that her kind heart and approachability are very helpful in dealing with challenging issues.

Kirk Cooper
Transformational Meditation™ Coach
Kirk has over 30 years of experience in Investment Management and trading. He was a proprietary trader for Citibank and Deutsche Bank and then he founded a quant fund, a hedge fund, and an ETF company.

In the early 2000’s, Kirk realized the importance of trading psychology so he completed a Master's in Transpersonal Psychology to improve his trading.

He later went through the 28-day program and found it so transformational that he decided to be certified as a Transformational
 Meditation™ Coach and powerfully guides students through the 28-day Trading Psychology Rehab program.
Keren Kilgore
Transformational Meditation™ Coach
Keren's purpose is simple: To BE. She does that by living in a higher vibrational frequency, connecting with and enjoying God, living in financial freedom, and unlocking the potential of others so that they can do the same.

As a Transformational
Meditation™ Coach, Keren guides people through a 28-Day Self-Mastery course that identifies areas of their life that have been causing them to suffer and are keeping them from being who they were created to be. By connecting with your Greater Power, you can permanently transform those areas and live happy and free.

As an author coach and book publisher, Keren Kilgore works with visionary leaders, authors, coaches, healers, and entrepreneurs who are stuck. She guides them to tune into their powerful message, personality, and talents to create a quantum shift in their books and business. Keren guides people on writing stories to use in public speaking, closing sales, social media, and books.