The International Academy of Self-Knowledge, Inc. is a privately owned, independent educational institution incorporated in the State of California. The Academy's business offices are in Southern California, but the teachers and staff work from their own offices spread throughout the United States. We are truly a "school without walls."

IASK is the parent organization, providing administrative and technical support, teacher training and certification, and assurance of a quality experience for students and teachers. 
The Academy also acts as a conduit for communication among teachers and prospective students. The Academy administration sees its main duty as creating an environment in which the Academy's teachers can successfully teach the educational courses offered through the Academy so that students can have the best possible self-growth experience, allowing them to actualize their full human potential.

The individual teachers are independent professionals who have been trained and certified by the Academy to teach its courses and facilitate Transformational MeditationTM.
Graduates of our courses consistently experience significant improvements and dramatic changes in their lives, experiencing levels of joy, confidence, success, peace and freedom that had previously eluded them.

Our course of study is designed to change you as a person. Traditional education provides us with knowledge, but most often is not life changing. For example, when a person takes a course in geography, upon completion they are basically the same person. They have simply increased the amount of data in their possession. On the other hand, when a person completes a Transformational EducationTM course, they are not the same. They have expanded their consciousness, changed their limiting beliefs, and are a different, more evolved person. These changes enable them to live more satisfying, fulfilling and successful lives. They can live to their full potential.


Transformational EducationTM is an integrated approach to the study and transformation of the self into the SELF. It uses a combination of mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual processes to accomplish change. One of the core tools used at IASK is Transformational MeditationTM, a technique that facilitates the evolution and transformation of the "separated" self using The SELF and Greater Power (God, Universal Mind, Energy, etc.) as a source of truth. It is a synthesis of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), Rational-Emotive-Behavior Therapy, and Spirituality. Transformational MeditationTM allows students to eliminate the barriers that are preventing them from expressing the wholeness of The SELF. Since Transformational MeditationTM creates new, positive, unconscious beliefs, current limiting beliefs are eliminated, along with the accompanying negative emotions and unwanted or destructive behaviors. This technique allows students to tap into their inner awareness, that place where their own answers are found: The SELF.