Know Your Personality Type and Start Transforming Your Life
Part I: Harness the Power of Knowing Yourself

First you’ll take the full personality type assessment and then…
In the webinar session you’ll…

  • Get acquainted with “The Holy Grail” . . . YOU!
  • See how knowing your personality gives you an EDGE
  • Learn how you like to focus your attention
  • Learn the way you like to take in information
  • Learn the way you make decisions

Part II: Transform the Limitations of Your Personality
In this webinar session you’ll…

  • Discover how to go BEYOND the limits of your personality
  • Understand your “operating system” and how to program it for success
  • Learn how to eliminate destructive internal chatter that interferes with your trading
  • Explore your imagination as a vehicle of inner power

Part III: Get the Map - Go from where you are to where you want to go
In this webinar session you’ll…
  • Learn the “red flags” of your personality. . . before it costs you money
  • Discover your basic fear and a plan to overcome it
  • Take what you’ve discovered so far to define exactly where your are now
  • Create your MAP to get where you REALLY want to go!

Part IV: A Personal One-On-One Session with Libby
This is all about you!!
In our private one-hour phone session I will personally:
  • Help you assess what it all means to your trading
  • Discuss how you can capitalize on your strengths
  • Use the MAP of YOUR PERSONALITY to create a plan to transform your weaknesses and enhance your strengths
  • Help you tie the whole process together to accelerate your results

Libby's hourly rate is $495 and a one-hour session is included with this course!!
Buy for $395
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