You've Had Great Results Since Your 28-day Mastery of "Self" Intensive Course ​
Now It's Time to Accelerate Them!

Learn How To Use Transformational Meditation™ on Yourself and Move Your Life To The Next Level — Join us at the



Transformational Meditation™ is the process used in your 28-Day Mastery of "self" Course to assist you in changing your limiting beliefs, and letting go of negative emotions through the facilitation of the dialogue between a problematic part and your "Higher Power."

To accelerate your results, it is important for you to learn how to do this process on your own.

In this two-day training, taught personally by Dr. Adams, you will gain a working knowledge of how to use Transformational Meditation™ on yourself. By practicing with other participants in the training, you'll learn how to facilitate your own process and you'll be taught the important skill of how to ask yourself the right questions when facilitating your own work. Interestingly enough, one of the biggest benefits participants report is that by the end of the weekend, they have had major breakthroughs on the issues they used for their "practice" sessions!

The Transformational Meditation™ Intensive is the next step for graduates of the 28-day program and is also a prerequisite course for those entering the Academy of Self-Knowledge's teacher training process. Students who have had at least 10 hours of session work doing Transformational Meditation are also eligible to enroll.


Session I:  The art of questions. Asking the right question is the basis of using Transformational MeditationT

Session II:  The 10-step process of Transformational Meditation Demonstrations. Practice in small, supervised groups

Session III-IV:  Transformational Meditation - practice in small supervised groups

Completion of the 28-Day Mastery of self  course is a prerequisite OR 10 hours of individual session work with a TFM facilitator

Participant Limit: Registration is limited to no more than 6 participants
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