Consistency Course
Consistency is one-on-one consultation between the graduates of the 28-day course and their teacher. This program provides ongoing support and accountability as the graduate continues to implement into their daily lives the skills and techniques that they have learned in order to attain even greater goals without stress. At this point, although the student has "learned" the signals, tools, and skills taught in the 28-day course, there is much more experience in the laboratory of life required to be able to achieve Mastery.  According to Dr. Adams, that is the continuing PROCESS of "Mastery of self."  She sees a profound difference between the students who choose to continue on and those who do not.  When you get a good result, you want to continue doing the same thing that got you that result. Life seems to have an unwritten "maintenance" clause that we need to pay careful attention to and plan accordingly!

Schedule: Offered on an ongoing basis